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How can we show our dedication towards FIVERR


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by the end of this year , i would be completing one whole year on this unbiased and immensely versatile platform. i have seen almost all types of people in here. everyone is trying it’s best to give away their amazing services. this is what all people do and it is an obvious thing but, for me the most surprising thing was when i saw people just fond of making some money here without showing professionalism, dedication and love to their work. i have seen them being deceiving some amazing good buyers more likely when they are new to this platform. i believe that this platform is not all about money rather it is more of building professionalism and grooming our selves. Fiverr teaches us a professional attitude towards our clients . it gives us an opportunity to learn everyday. for instance if we talk about graphic designing. we simply give way our services but once a buyer higher us for some graphic designing job it not actually hires us but also gives us an opportunity to learn. when we try to work exactly as per buyer’s requirement, we actually are being learning . week knowledge about actual market criteria regarding designing. we come to know that what kind of trend about graphic designing is in now a days. this is how we are learning through our buyers . Therefore we must take this job with complete professional attitude. we must give what a buyer is expecting from us because this is the only key to polish our skills and earn handsome amount at the same time.

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