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Tips on getting sales for a beginner?


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Hi Fiverrs,

I am a new seller here . I just posted a new gig for REALLY the best deal for organic Instagram Video views and or Likes. I tried adding things such as promo to make my gig stand out. Now an order comes withh an initial FREE post view or likes.
I would be happy to get to know other ways I could actively take to make my gigs STAND OUT, since there aren’t any other similar services offered. .


Stay crowned.



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Guest offlinehelpers
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There is a reason for that - gigs similar to your have been deleted left, right and centre for 3rd party ToS violations - in other words, Instagram doesn’t like it. From your previous post - that’'s exactly why! How can you promise a certain...

Sorry - didn’t really want to quote myself, but thought it was better than reposting what I’d said previously.

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