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What is your purpose in posting here in a community Forum?

Are you trying to embarass the seller? Probably won’t work, since almost no one here knows each other personally.

Are you trying to get the job finished? Good luck getting good work from someone you are speaking badly of in public. Only your seller or Customer Service can work with you on this kind of problem. No one else has enough information or reason to understand your situation or help solve anything.

Are you just mad and emotional? Feel however you wish, but it will be hard to get sympathy here since, again, no one else know what really is the nature of your issue.

We sort of assume that the seller was offering a service that appealed to you or you would not have purchased it. So your possible solutions are limited to:

a. get the seller to finish the job (and even then you might not like the results)

b. cancel through Customer Service and try another seller

The only way to get it done or re-done or refunded is to work with the seller or with Fiverr’s Customer Service. But making a public accusation in a public forum does not advance your cause when no one reading this truly knows the actual situation.

Note: If you ever do anything to disappoint another person, would you like it if they spoke badly of you in public?

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