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About mutual cancellation. Need advice


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So here is a situation about a current order of mine.

Yesterday a client ordered my gig for creating a wordpress website.
Now in my gig its clearly stated that for non-ecommerce website, I offer the standard gig, and for ecommerce websites, I offer the premium gig. And also I mention in the very beginning of my gig description that “Please contact me before placing an order”. Also if you can realise that a website can be of various types and therefore this needs a discussion before proceed.

Now the client ordered the standard gig and wanted me to build an ecommerce website. Clearly he did not read the description as well as what the packages offer. Therefore I asked the client to raise the payment.

In his reply, he asked me to call via s***e which fiverr don’t allow. Now if I tell him that I am pretty much sure he would cancel the order. Judging by his conversation type.

Now I also know that if seller asks for cancellation this impacts badly. 😦

I’ve seen fiverr moderators ignores this sort of issue. But I’ll really appreciate if any of you guys help me on this.

Is there any fault that the buyer did not read my description before order or asking me to call via s***e?
If mutual cancellation effects on the fiverr new level system, then what should I do with this sort of situation?

Seems like according to fiverr, if its a cancellation, then no matter who is the responsible, its always seller’s fault 😦

Thank you in advance for any suggestion.


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Guest christinamary

I’m in the same boat: submitted my work which the client didn’t like because their communication was terrible. Then the client cancelled and while I responded, Fiverr counts this as agreeing to cancel. It’s way too easy for buyers to take your work without paying.

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