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Problems trying to pay


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Can anyone advise on what’s gone wrong when trying to pay a seller at the end of a gig?..

The gig had been extended in time for some revisions. When we finally had it all finished and I was ready to sign it off I clicked to Accept and Review, filled in the feedback, filled in the amount for a tip, but then when it came to the payments screen it was only showing the total amount to be the tip - not the fee for the gig. So I tried to go back a screen to check everything was right but now it says the order is complete. But I never clicked the very last button to confirm payment, and like I say the amount it showed was only the tip. So nw it says the order is complete but I can’t tell if I paid, or how much I paid. I’ve asked the seller to check and confirm, but there is a big time delay as we are in different countries. I don’t want the seller to think I’m messing them about, so this is very frustrating. Has anyone ever had this problem before?

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