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False Impression of Cancellation Ratio

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I have a concern.

Few Buyers ordered My Gigs and in requirement they asked me what i was not offering.

Then we mutually cancelled the order.

Now under my profile it is showing 16% cancellation ratio…

It will leave a very Bad Impression on new clients as Fiverr don’t show the reason.

New Client can assume below reasons

  1. I am not able to deliver on time and customer cancelled the order.
  2. My quality was BAD and due to dispute customer cancelled the order.

    I Guess I will lose lot of prospect clients due to this.

    FIverr must give option to accept orders to sellers

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Sick Reply from CS


All cancellations regardless of the reason affects your cancellation rate,. Too many cancellations may result in level loss, so please keep this in mind for the future.

We can’t manually remove cancellations from your cancellation rate.

Please make sure that you make your title and instructions clear and also place “contact me first prior to ordering” in your gig description.


My gig very clearly say…

"NOTE :- We dont update any review or rating on amazon… "

Still buyers are ordering and asking for review on amazon. They are ordering something which i dont give… I will have to cancel the order…

Yesterday i got 4 such orders and when i asked buyer, he said sorry and asked me to mutually cancel the order. Resulting in 16% cancellation ratio

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