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Working Smart...not HARD ;)


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Hi, my name is Lee Davis,
and, I’ve actually been a Fiverr member for quite some time now.
I was just never really able to get everything to click until about a year ago.
Now, it’s like I’m flapping at Warp 12. I absolutely LOVE what I do.
So much so, in fact, that I pretty much have my internal clock set for 4:30AM as a no-fail start time.

There’s no noise, no movement, no external stimuli to penetrate the work zone-in.
I can order my thoughts, craft product, research information, and generate content for the current days’ mission so that I’m that much farther ahead and can flexibly deal with any unforeseen events during it (like if I get a Fiverr notification of a Gig order, lol!).

I classify myself as an Information Services Bureau - something that sounds plausible to the brick-and-mortar target clientele I hustle on the side offline. Thanks to the formative influences of Mr. Davis, Sr. (RIP, Pa) who told me something that’s pretty much kept me from starving over a three-decade period;

“Son, someday…information will be like gold…like currency”. That statement sent an electric jolt through my young mind that galvanized a lifetimes’ action under this aegis. In fact, from that second, I started seeing what he meant and trying to bridge to real-time extrapolation of theoretical intuition. In fact, the very 1st thing I stumbled onto (courtesy of the Late Seventies’ Internet) were categorized Corporate directory lists of thousands of companies and the names and complete contact info of Upper-Level Management - IN ALL THEIR COMPANY BRANCHES!!! I had a contact I sent a 10-pc. sample, and right off the bat I was made.

I’m busy trying to get it all day long, wherever I can, however (honestly) I can. At the end of the day, it’s all about if I put in enough work by going deeper and farther than anyone else I may be competing against for work. In fact, that’s the ONLY way you’ll ever win here as a Seller. You have to come out on top with whatever you’re offering that’s going to be of inherent value to the Buyer looking for what they need to operate.

My latest Gig (the most recent posted to my Seller Profile) is (IMHO) an example of this. I’m trying to compete against the Sellers of Social Signal Level provision and management - but, not head-up. You see, in order for me to propel myself into profitability, I avoid the common pitfall of trading time for money. Instead of offering to do the work, I invested the time into creating the (almost) step-by-step process behind Social Media Signal level management. Because I’m offering to show you how to do it yourself, it frees me up to be able to craft more information-as-service Gigs and attract more targeted eyeballs to the specific offer.

Like my man, Bon Scott said, “It’s A Long Way To The Top If You Wanna RocknRoll”, and my advice to anyone feeling like they’re not getting orders is to reach down there in the guts and suck it up to figure out a profit angle and then grind it into the dust until something shakes loose. I just recently fulfilled an order with the only service in my inventory to get favorited (lol!). I can’t cry I haven’t gotten a repeat order - I just gotta keep hustlin’ 'til the next one. Thank you all so much for reading this. I wish you all every Success you deserve.

Take a second to smell the Roses, though, 'cuz Life is SHORT…

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