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Does your response rate ever refresh?


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When I wasn’t being active on Fiverr and not checking my email daily, I had someone contact me about a gig, so it took me 11 days to respond to them.

Now that I have the app on my phone if someone contacts me it usually takes me 1-3 hours to get back to them. (Sooner if the person is on when I respond and they respond back while I’m still on. Longer if I’m asleep.)
But fiverr has me marked down as responding every 157 hours?

It seems kind of unfair it’s stuck at that when it’s really not the case just because of one message? (I’ve has probably 6 messages that I’ve gotten since the 11 day incident, all of which I replied to in a timely manner.)

I don’t really get too many people interested in my gigs anyway, but won’t that look bad to a lot of buyers?

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The response rate should refresh every 30 days, meaning that if you respond quickly during the next 30 days your response rate should be back to normal. You can read more about this here:


Best of luck 🙂

Thanks for the response!~

Then my response rate confuses me even more now then, I was sure the 11 day thing happen over a month ago.

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If you really believe that there is some issue with your response rate and it’s not refreshing after the specified interval, please contact customer support . They will be able to help you.

All the best.

Well I didn’t know there was a refresh rate till now, but yeah looks like the 11day incident happen 2 months ago, so I’ll probably give it a few weeks and then contact them, thanks.~ 🙂

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