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Gig deleted because of 3rd Party Claim then Again restore!

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3 day ago i got a notification that one of my gig got deleted because of 3rd party complains! For me its was little surprised as i was using my own picture as gig thumbnail and own words for description. So, I contact with the customer support. Below, i will present my conversation with the support person!

Myself: Hi there, one of my gig got deleted because of the Third party TOS violation. I am wonder how can be a gig can be violate 3rd content, when all of the material is my original? I used my own picture as gig image, i used own own words for description then how it can be violate 3rd party copyright right? I did not use any kind of link also which is not permitted. All i used my own youtube channel link so i can show my skills. How even it possible? Before my another gig got deleted because of the same reason. Now, this one again which is completely mine. Now, i have strongly doubt that fiverr editor team just randomly deleting gig and claiming they got 3rd party complain. Well as digital millennium copyright act i have the right to send the counter notification to the person who claiming that i violated their copyright. It will be very nice of fiverr team to provide me the information so i can forward to counter notification Or it will be very nice of fiverr team to restore my gig.
Thanks in advance’’

Support team respond: ‘‘Your Gig was denied for a potential violation to a third party’s Terms of Service. Any Gig that goes against the terms of service of a third party are in turn against our Terms of Service. Before creating a Gig that involves a third party, we ask that you please read that party’s Terms of Service and make sure your Gig is in compliance with those terms before publishing the Gig on Fiverr. (Support member also send me some links and advice me to read those)’’

Now, it is more surprising that how my gig can violate 3rd party TOS when i did not even offering anything against their TOS. My gig about Youtube Channel Audit And Action Plan For Views, Subscriber (not sure if it is allowed to add gig link here, but i need it to prove my point, not for any marketing purpose). Even my gig title might sound that i am offering views or subscriber, however if you look at my gig Description and FAQ you will see i am not offering or selling any kind of views or subscribers.

So, replied this:
Myself: ‘‘Hi, Thank you very much for the respond! I understand what you mean! However, i am not offering something which is against YouTube terms and condition. I am not offering any kind of service which can violate any YouTube terms and service. I am not even offering any kind of views, like or subscriber. My service about helping the youtube channel with the best practice which YouTube suggest us! How it can violate a potential violation to a third party’s Terms of Service when I am offering others to follow YouTube rules and regulation? Honestly, I believe that my service not violating any youtube term and service. I am a full time youtuber and i am committed to follow youtube term and condition as well as Fiverr rules. I strongly believe that my gig have nothing to do with the violation. I am a honest person and earned some good reputation on the fiverr. Anyway, thank you very much for all those useful links. I already read those and i am also a active member on the form. However, i appreciate your helps. I strongly believe that if you take a look at my gig again and will see the difference that i did not violated any rules. Here is the link of YouTube terms and condition: https://www.youtube.com/static?template=terms . If you go to the link then you will see my service not against their TOS. Thank you!’’

Support respond: ‘‘I understanding your concerns. I have forwarded your request to the appropriate department for a review. (no promises). Thank you for your patience.’’

After like 18 hour fiverr editing team restore my gig 😃

The moral of this story is always present your point with clear and informative way and if possible provide the supporting link as evidence. And dont forget to be nice and showing respect!

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Congratulations on getting your gig restored!

Thank you for sharing your experience. It really demonstrates how to communicate effectively with CS.

Under similar circumstances, many sellers would be tempted to flood CS with messages, demanding answers, demanding their gig be restored, probably using lots of foul language in the process.

Not only did you handle a very stressful situation like an adult, but you made your case clearly and logically.

I’m so glad you got your gig restored. You obviously deserved it. 🙂

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