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Hi Guys,

I’ve been demoted from Top Seller to level 0 for basically no reason - probably because I mentioned commissions on here.

Just thought I’d let you guys know not to say anything on here otherwise they will demote you even after the time we have dedicated on here.

They clearly have no care for their sellers. I even offered to speak to them on the phone which they refused and also offered to fly to Israel to meet someone but they just copy and paste their set lines in Customer Support.

I have decided to quit fiverr now since I’m not spending another 2 years trying to get to Top Rated seller again

Bi Guys!

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Oliver, this has happened to many of us.

It’s been a mistake. There are automatic triggers that get confused.

You may also have run afoul of a “terms of service” issue that put you at risk. That too can be worked out.

If you’re open to it, I’d be interested in buying your account if you really want to quit, but I highly suggest you shouldn’t

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I had this happen once because someone sent me a question about a service I didn’t offer and I suggested a site that could help - not knowing that was AGAINST TOS to give outside links… I had no idea back then, but I put it up with support and they let me back in.

This was a LONG time ago, but still. If you’re patient and honest with customer support, they will likely help you get back on your horse. I’ve gotten a lot of help from Customer Support and they do seem very polite. Bottom line, sometimes things happen… if you’re making decent money here, then it’s worth the patience to get back in line.

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