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As a buyer it is really annoy when a seller fail to delivery on time or don’t delivery. You wait on him for long time and he does not do the work or don’t follow up…

so sorry to tell you - you fail to communicated with your buyers - you can easily avoid that by a simple follow up communication. You had 29 days to say something to your clients.

Now as a seller, I found out that many buyers don’t read description or don’t follow instruction. That’s why I follow up with them when it is require or place a cancellation request.

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you should put in your instruction at the top and at the bottom text that tell people to contact you if they have not yet to discuss your project.

moreover, 29 days gives you enough time to communicated and agree on time delivery/cancel.

maybe I don’t know your situation completely but buying & selling here usually done fast so buyers expect that and that don’t know your unique situation.

here’s a suggestion to you, use one of your gig image a statement that say that you can only take a limit number of orders - so all buyers most contact you first to check availability.

you have alot of empty space on your first image the blond girl…so you can add a text which will see better by potential buyers.

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