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Searching for stock videos about baby and pregnancy


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For a new swiss babyplattform we are looking for stock videos, about 8 to 12 dollars and 30 seconds long. We already searched on fiverrr, videoblocks and videohive. But we are still missing specific videos about following topics:

  • Schematic: How do twins develop?
  • pregnancy week, trimester, development of the fetus
  • How to tie a baby towel?
  • See child movement in the abdomen
  • Basin body training for pregnancy
  • Schematic birth
  • Pack the clinic case
  • Still positions
  • Hiking with baby
  • How to brush teeth with the baby?
  • How to dress baby?
  • Games for babies
  • How to build baby carriages? Stroller in comparison
  • How to mount a car seat?

Do you know any page or person, that can create those videos?

Regards, Melina

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Hey there, Melina. While I do not personally know of any gigs or sellers offering these services, I’m sure if you put out a buyer request with this information somebody will come through. If not, then Fiverr may not be able to supply you with everything you need.

Hi Braden

Thank you for your advice. I asked already the customer service. But i dont understand, how I can create a buyers request in those categories. I will contact them again.

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