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Help with gig title, please!


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Hi Fiverrs!

Thanks for taking the time to read this!
I’m new to selling (just a few days), but have used Fiverr for almost 2 years as a buyer.

I decided to try selling video testimonials. I have read A LOT of info on this forum (thanks!!), and have tried to optimize my description, title, tags, etc.

I recently changed my tags and title to include the words “video testimonials’ (with an S). When I go incognito on my browser and check, I see that I’m on the first row (!) when searching for 'video testimonials”.

However, when I search ‘video testimonial’ (no S), I’m on the last page of search results.

My question: Would it be better to try and have my gig rank somewhere in the middle for both terms (maybe dropping the S), or stick with it as is? Would it be better to just leave it as is for awhile and see what happens?

Thanks for your insight! 🙂

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Welcome on fiverr and good luck in sales. There is no official answers for the best tags and they are still (beta) testing search tags. Think as a buyer how you will find one gig that you need and add these search tags in your gigs.


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