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HTML Code allowed on the forums?

Guest tn5rr2012

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Guest tn5rr2012

Some Text

you will see you will see the text smaller!

Bold Some Text you will see: Some Text

Italic Some Text you will see: Some Text

Center Some Text you will see:


I need all the experts in HTML codes to post what is also allowed besides my novice codes



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Basic HTML Sample Page from lparziale



A Simple Sample Web Page



Above note I used an "img" tag and added the Fiverr logo.


By lparziale

Demonstrating a few HTML features

HTML is actually pretty simple and you can learn it online. It uses ordinary text, with a structure that is enclosed by "" characters, or bewteen an "&" and a ";".

It is like playing "tag" in that you should always tag in and out.


NOTE: For all tags referenced here, each one has a starting tag, with a "" so when you see me say X tag, just add a less than symbol on left and a greater than synbol on right.


You don't really need to know much HTML to create a page, because you can copy bits of HTML from other pages that do what you want, then change the text!




Line Breaks

HTML doesn't normally use line breaks for ordinary text. A white space of any size is treated as a single space. This is because the author of the page has no way of knowing the size of the reader's screen, or what size type they will have their browser set for.



If you want to put a line break at a particular place, you can use the BREAK command which is a "", or, for a paragraph break, the P instead of the BR command, which will insert a blank line.


You can also use color with the "FONT" tag and add an attribute with the color name or hexidecimal symbol



Starting and Stopping Commands


Most HTML tags come in pairs: for example, "" starts the size 4 heading, and "" is the end of it. The closing command is always the same as the opening command, except for the addition of the "/". If you forget this, you will see that tag or feature continue.



This is a size "1" heading


This is a size "2" heading


This is a size "3" heading


This is a size "4" heading


This is a size "5" heading


This is a size "6" heading


This is bold text using a "" heading




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Guest tn5rr2012

Reply to @lparziale: Thank you for posting this tutorial, I knew someone would come along and post more in depth tutorial, now the question is, can we add our own signatures to the posts because they will have links which I think is against forum rules, please chime in on this question @oldbittygrandma

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Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Can you do that as one for us all, so we know rules around signature in the forum, for example, I would like to use the one below - you can use that as an example and they can say yes/no. The image is directing back to Fiverr profile image and the link is to my main profiles.

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