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Hi Everyone-


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I’m Spike … (George if you prefer) Just wanted to stop by and say hi- I’m a new guy on the sellers’ neighborhood. I’m Sellin’ voice overs and voice work.

I’m also a marketing and ad guy in Pittsburgh, PA - with clients. So I’m a buyer also - I create (for my clients) Radio, TV, and Online Video, commercials. I do print also- (newspaper, magazine, outdoor and transit ads. We also buy National (measured) media. My agency is a very small shop 5 minutes from downtown Pgh, PA and this resource is PERFECT for sampling and finding talent when I need it.

I decided a couple of weeks ago- since I have a studio and I’m in front of the computer most of the day anyway - I would try fiverr sales out … sharpen my chops a bit and ‘expose" myself to potential new (someday maybe) clients- and I’m ALWAYS looking for new quality talent (and there is a TON of you guys on here …with MAD SKILLS- I’m watchin and lookin at cha)

My gig is slowly doin’ alright I think- I’ve made level one in a week - So I’m encouraged and having fun.

Thanks for reading and giving me the chance to make your acquaintance - If I can ever be of assistance to anyone in some way- hit me up!

Best! Spike Real

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