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My +4 Years happy/sad experience [Get your popcorn ready] :)


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Hello fellow fiverr sellers and buyers,

You can call me **JEAN**, i joined fiverr in march 2013 soo that's a little over 4 years and i still remember my first gig which was caricature sketch getting hyped refreshing every 10 minutes to check if there's any message or order (haha) i think you all had similar starting experiences, and the smile i had when i got my first order and then 5 stars on it, i was so happy screenshotting to share it with friends and show off because me and couple of friends all joined same day (all of them left first week of RIP) .

I also remember my first rank lvl 1 at the time they where not as many sellers as now soo i was really proud, actually i still have the screenshots up to now i will attach them in this post. Everything was working fine getting orders/messages daily until i started getting lazy, replying late to messages delivering late then started getting some stars taken away but at the same time i didn’t care much.

But the amount of orders i used to get started decreasing and decreasing until i started getting 1 order per week and getting more serious when it’s kinda late since you can’t remove the "famous negative late delivery feedback) then i looked at some fellow same lever sellers and i found how much successful they became, working hard delivering fast and all that stuff i felt really bad and disappointed like i missed an opportunity ( this feel like a sad/romantic movie story haha ? °_o ) .

And started getting serious on fiverr updating my gigs with the new plans update, fixing my descriptions my titles and then … Ta ta ta daaaa ! ta ta ta daaaaa ! (sound effects) Your gig was denied hours later another gig denied, those are my most sold gigs + 700 order then days later another two gigs denied.
Contacted the support for reasons which were reasonable and agreed with some of them soo i started working on new gigs more creative professional and good prices in the other side no order for the past 28 days and more days to come, contacted support and get told that my gigs where reindexed on the search engine so the good left over gigs with good ranking are in the back of the search pages with the new gigs so it’s feels like the ending …
Of this story not my profile i still have have hope haha ( you thought … ) i hope it entertained you just for a little and some of you got some lessons from my story …

My plans now on fiverr to add more new gigs and wait 😉
It was jean and this was my first post in the forum.

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