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  1. There is no place in the site to know how many gigs were ordered in the last two month (which is a requirement for level 2).

  2. The finished tasks on the todo list are not sorted by date - I think they should be.

  3. When you enter a user profile, there should be a history list of your common history (how many gigs did he ordered, when was the last one, did you ever ordered from him and so on).

  4. When responding to buyers’ requests - the site is limiting for only a few options of its choice. Lets say I have a gig in which I help people with Excel, so I look for “excel” in the search list, find related buyers’ requests, but a lot of times I can’t choose my Excel gig, I just don’t have the option. I think you should give the option to choose any of my gigs, and not limit to those you think are the right ones.

  5. There should be a signature or at least a way to easily write the same text over and over again when delivering. I like to write “If there was any problem, please contact me and give me an opportunity to fix it”, when I deliver.





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  1. The Sales page tell you the number of completed tasks

  2. Do you mean completed tasks? There are sorted under sales by their due date. You can check them individually for the exact date you delivered.

  3. fiverr.com/conversations/username and on the top left corner it details the number of purchases or sales

  4. Yes. It seems the buyers get to choose the categories they believe the gigs fall under. They are often wrong (sellers are more likely to know this info) and as a result sellers can’t contact them with relevant gigs.

  5. Copy and paste from another delivery. This is something you can easily do yourself.
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