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Buyers who canceled


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Anyone can tell me how to cope with the buyer who ordered an image and I have done what he needs, but when I first attached the drawing to the buyer they immediately sent me a “dispute order” on the grounds that there was one part of the picture Not fit … in a show I have 5 times revision but he did not ask me to do the revision for the first time and the duration of the time required 2 days I do it 1 day, there is still plenty of time available and immediately request that this work is canceled. I think this is unfair !! I have spent time for him … then I refused this cancellation and made a revision but still he wanted to reject it.
But the positive thing from the incident he decided to cancel order peacefully there is no bad review for us.
Anyone can tell me how to deal with buyers like this for the future?thank’s:slight_smile:👍

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If you did and deliver what your buyer requested, then you don’t have to accept any cancellation.
If everybody will cancel without even asking for revisions, then you will be giving your work for free.
Hope you’re watermarking your works when you deliver!!!
If there is a similar problem, do not accept immediately to cancel, instead, contact Customer Support if you believe you’re in the right.

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