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My first selling experience

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Hey guys! Yesterday I delivered my first assignment to a client from USA. I was very excited and elated when I received mail from Fiverr. While our time zones differ, it was not a barrier in delivering the best possible service to my client.

I asked him the format in which he wanted the final product and he replied soon. It was fun doing the project and I successfully delivered in time. 😊

I am satisfied, for my client is satisfied. You may visit my gig here:


rocknrollgames : I will make 3 word search puzzles on a given topic for $5 on...

For only $5, rocknrollgames will make 3 word search puzzles on a given topic. | For just 5 dollars, I will make 3 word search puzzles(easy, medium, hard) of 12 words each.*You will give me a topic(eg. cities, footballers, monuments, | On Fiverr.com

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