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How can I fix my "delivered on time" percentage? (Other than delivering all next orders on time...)


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Hello Fiverr community,
Since I am somewhat new to Fiverr, I’m still learning how it works. My apologies if this question has been posted before.
So… I sent a custom order to my first client, stating that the order would be delivered in 3 days. Through personal messages, she let me know that although the order said 3 days, she didn’t need it that quick and that I should take as long as I need to translate her docs (even 2 weeks if needed). I took her up on that, and since it was my first order, I didn’t know that I could change the delivery time by clicking on the resolve button. I ended up doing so, but apparently it was too late… so now my “delivered on time” percentage is 32% 😧
Is there any way I can change this? (Other than delivering all next orders on time, and if the client says otherwise, changing the delivery time on the order itself?)
Thank you!

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I’m afraid you cannot change that but by delivering all future orders before the time expires.
Don’t worry, anyway the delivery percentage is calculated for 60 days. It means after a while if you deliver in time, the percentage will grow up.
If any of my clients would say that to me, I will ask him/her to accept an extension in the delivery time for a number of days he/she is willing to wait for me, avoiding to fall into late deliveries.

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