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Need ideas about creating something amazing to ask a girl out


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This is the first time I needed something like this. I want to ask this girl out but in a different way, by mail or by CD. I don’t care if it works or if it blows but I want this is a nice once in a lifetime memory for me.

So I want to create something amazing. It can include songs, singing songs by fiverr artists, maybe some animations, video remakings, some photos, or some caricatures, or maybe a mix of all these ideas?

Once she gave me a special gum. I’m thinking or taking photos in series of like "I’m opening the cover of the gum, chewing it, enjoying it, then suddenly I feel something funny in my mouth and take the gum out of my mouth and it is heart shaped. And on a piece of paper there is fun and lovely caricature of her and me and there is a heart drawn in the middle of us. I put the gum on it.

When I do that heart starts to beat, and maybe a love song plays with it. Or I just get to the point and ask her out?"

This is just an idea. Maybe it sounds bad but I want to try it. It is a mix of caricature, song artist, animation artist. SO I need couple of fiverrs to help me do this.

Also if you guys need other ideas please share with me.

And if you gonna mock, you are also welcomed here 🙂

Cheers !

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Guest matt_garry

I would love to help I can make any tune needed:) romantic/ funny/ beautiful

<-- will have video up in a few hours

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Guest tn5rr2012

OMG you are so sweet that you wanted something unique to ask me out with, but really you don’t have to go to so much trouble, just asking here and the thought is awesome. YES, I WILL GO OUT WITH YOU!

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Guest cust0mcr3ationz

well on valentines a few years ago i did an awesome thing for my gf for only about $30. I made a video montage of many different fiverr sellers.

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