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Need ideas about creating something amazing to ask a girl out


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This is the first time I needed something like this. I want to ask this girl out but in a different way, by mail or by CD. I don’t care if it works or if it blows but I want this is a nice once in a lifetime memory for me.

So I want to create something amazing. It can include songs, singing songs by fiverr artists, maybe some animations, video remakings, some photos, or some caricatures, or maybe a mix of all these ideas?

Once she gave me a special gum. I’m thinking or taking photos in series of like "I’m opening the cover of the gum, chewing it, enjoying it, then suddenly I feel something funny in my mouth and take the gum out of my mouth and it is heart shaped. And on a piece of paper there is fun and lovely caricature of her and me and there is a heart drawn in the middle of us. I put the gum on it.

When I do that heart starts to beat, and maybe a love song plays with it. Or I just get to the point and ask her out?"

This is just an idea. Maybe it sounds bad but I want to try it. It is a mix of caricature, song artist, animation artist. SO I need couple of fiverrs to help me do this.

Also if you guys need other ideas please share with me.

And if you gonna mock, you are also welcomed here 🙂

Cheers !

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