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Make this site EQUAL for buyers and sellers!


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Hi friends,

I have few suggestions for this site after using it for more that 1 year. To make this site equal for buyers and sellers.you must introduce a option in front of both buyers and sellers to settle claim with your support team member on a order cancellation dispute.Sometime buyers just cancel order to get money back even after work is perfectly delivered which is purely 100% wrong, even sellers don’t get time to explain you cs team. Buyer must also maintain ratings as like seller so we could know with we are dealing with.

what sort of history he has on his previous purchase…Buyers must also contain full history as like sellers. Buyers profile must show :-

1- Cancellation ratio

2- Previous feedbacks and ratings

3- Response time on order page

What you think my buddys …sellers and buyers…your advice highly requested 🙂

Let’s change fiverr and make it more wonderful.



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