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How to get order in here?


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How to get order quickly. I don’t get any order in my gig. So what can i do.


ariful9356 : I will design professional logo in 24 hours for $5 on...

For only $5, ariful9356 will design professional logo in 24 hours. | Welcome to myPROFESSIONALLogo gig. I am a professional logo designer. I will make your company or business logo which are PROFESSIONAL and eye catching. I | On Fiverr.com

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If you want to know why, then I will be direct with 2 points:

1-Your Gig about background removing has a mistake: it’s called “background” not BACKGROUN
2-You cannot tell that you’re expert in Graphic Design and in the next sentence you write “Adobe Illustration”, it calls Adobe Illustrator!

Please, if Fiverr is so important for you, you should avoid those mistakes! Check and double check your Gigs. That kind of mistakes will certainly not attract new clients!

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