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"Seller request ?" Are you kidding?


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I am a seller in Fiverr. Like every seller I visit “buyer request” page everyday . Everyday I notice at least 5 or more buyer requests which are like this " I am a web developer, I’ll build you a website in 30 mins…I am a graphics designer, I’ll make you a flyer in 24 hours…bla bla bla…". At first when I was new to Fiverr I thought that they were also buyer requests, because I was thinking straight. I thought that Fiverr wouldn’t let anyone advertise their gigs on buyer request page at least. But later I realized, they were actually a seller request rather than buyer request. And I don’t know why some people keep doing that. It’s meant to be for buyers , so that sellers can respond their requests. Here is an example I’ve attached :

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