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I have turned down a gig


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I have just receive a messsage to write an article (I d rather say a text) for a webiste. Checking the webiste itself, I noticed that grammatical errors are all over the place, the txt actually written on the website isn’t that bad but based on the subject, I am pretty sure it send people away.

Basically, I am a webmaster, so SEO is also something I am a (pretty good?) aware, before considering content as an SEO tool, I also know that full Onsite and Offsite SEO is needed for some website.
So I checked this buyer website as a webmaster and not as a writer and find out that even if I make a perfect SEO optimised text, it won’t help at all the website to rank better as too many factors to make it rank on google (even page 2) are missing.

I have given a quick lesson via message to that person to optimised first what is missing to at least make it look worth it to search engines, for free indeed and politely turned down his request of writing the text which would have earn me a tenner for half hour job.

I know from past experience (not on fiverr…yet) that if you do that, as long as it doesn’t take you hours to do it indeed, you see those buyers coming back to you as they are often please that you haven’t just take their money for your own sake and did have care about what they are offering.

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