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Need advice on whether to cancel order. Please help


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Hi Everyone,

I’m new to fiver and I just started my ebay store also. My first order on fiverr went great, awesome work no problems. I ordered my second gig on march 26th, an ebay store template. I made sure I checked sellers reviews and he had 2 negative out of 153 reviews so I went with him. It was due on March 30 and he sent me a listing template not a store template. I was very clear that I needed store template. He said sorry his fault. I said no problem. I liked his design too so I gave him a chance on fixing mistake. A day later says its done and he will put it on ebay for me for free just give my log in info… Now he didnt send me design to see and wants me to give my log in info. I said its ok I"ll do it just send directions. He says ok but send him links to ebay stores i like for examples. I thought he said he finished. that was on 4/6 and I have’nt heard from him since. I’m trying to be fair but its been 14 days. Any suggestions.

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