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New look of Fiverr Menu?


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Hey, Sat Sri Akal to all mates. 🙂

This morning when i log into my setup and opened Fiverr i got new Menu of Fiverr.
its quit interesting to see the menu options now on home upper footer instead of icons. i am very happy to see Buying and Selling options now differently appeared on the menu, because i was confused every time with the both functions 😉 So its my Positive point for the new menu. What is yours ?? Let me know in the comments.

SUGGESTION - i also have one suggestion for Fiverr, because i really want this option to my profile. so, i am talking about the profile banner. may be we could have option to change our Profile banners. in this way we can define our services in a better way. What you think guys ?

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Right there, with 124 replies, ON THE FIRST PAGE!

favicon.icoFiverr Forum 101380_1.png

We’re Making a Change to the Header Menu!

I much preferred the messages/notifications/inbox-thing as it was before, the rest, I don´t mind, though I can´t see any advantages for me either. In case this might help someone: As I wanted to check if there is anything new under the Settings...

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