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Hey there!

I’ve been around for quite a while now here on Fiverr and I’m at the point where I’m ready to register and open the doors of my business, which is about Instagram brand promotion/shoutouts, based mostly on Fiverr. Currently I’m offering promotion on 16 of my Instagram accounts, the biggest one just recently crossed 100k followers, so I’d like to step into the high tier as professionally as possible.

With that said, since this community is pretty helpful, I’d love to hear your opinions, suggestions or recommendations on how to improve and make my Fiverr profile and Gigs as professional as possible, because my website redirects to my Fiverr profile and Gigs, in order to be able to get some sales from people who found my offers outside of Fiverr and potentially get some people registered on Fiverr (there was many buyers already who registered just to be able to advertise on my Instagram accounts).

Please take a look at my profile if you have a free minute or two! www.fiverr.com/lineupads

Huge shoutout to @blaisefaint for making up the “Improve My Gig Checklist”, I’m going to spend my spare time on making changes to my profile and Gigs to match this checklist as much as possible. If you’re like me and trying to find ways to improve even more, that topic is a must read!

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