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My Recent Experience


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I’ve been reading the forum and hear a lot of complaints about people taking advantage of sellers at fiverr. Though i would just give another side of the story.

I ordered a simple graphic for a Facebook page. Gave all of the information requested and sent graphics. This gig gave a 24 hr turn-a-round. Seller made good and sent a nice graphic. However in the graphic there were some grammar issues but not major and also a couple of simple things like no space between words. No big deal. Proofing before sending should have caught them though. A 5 minute change. I was not asking for a redesign, just corrections.

I responded ASAP and said I was happy and that with these corrections (only 4 and only removing words or spaces) we would be good to go. GIG said any response would take 1-3 days. Ok…I get that. I was amazed at the response I received 2 days later. Said even though it was Sunday they would have it to me within 24 hrs. I thought the message would say something like “I’m sorry for the errors and I’ll get it fixed for you”. Instead it was like they were going to do me a favor because they were working on Sunday. I felt like they were laying a guilt trip on me. (My perception)

The reason I’m posting this is to let you know what this has done for this seller. I was pleased but then I got his/her message. I won’t leave negative feedback as I do believe he/she will get it back to me and I did like the work. But what will happen now is that they will get no additional business from me, nor will I recommend them to anyone.

Be careful how you respond back to people. Yes, “maybe” it is a language thing but that does not negate how it made me feel when reading it. Am I being petty? Maybe…but my first thought was…“you’ve got to be kdding me” It’s all about perception.

What could have resulted in future business has now resulted in a $5.00 GIG, no add-ons, tips or future business.

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Thank you for sharing your experience from a buyer’s perpective. Hopefully other sellers will learn from it. Sorry that particular seller made you feel that way. Don’t worry, there are a lot of us that excel in customer service, response time, high quality work, and satisfication. Contacting a seller beforehand can tell you a lot about them, so never hesitate to send a message. Good luck in all your future fiverr-buying endeavors. 🙂


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