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There are also occasional posts by big volume sellers on Fiverr who say they have so many gig sales that they are looking for other people to be sort of “subcontractors” to do some of those gigs. But if that seller is just charging the regular $5 and only getting less than $4, just how little would they actually be paying you? (Might be quite a different financial situation if they are subcontracting you on $20 or $50 gig sales, though.)

Terminology is also worth noting - in that sort of deal you are not a “real employee” with health benefits and regular hours. You would only be a casual employee, or an independent contractor. Don’t know how the money would get to you either, since Fiverr does not like you if you make deals to contact or work around them. Maybe you would set up a new gig with a description and a price that you agreed to as your subcontracting price???

Last saw one of these about two weeks ago, but don’t remember which category of the forum it was in. Try searching for “subcontractor” or similar words.

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