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The offer phobia


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🙂 Has this ever happened to you before. You go to a section on fiverr where people write some things new sellers on fiverr commonly look forward to on a daily basis.
The writeup may contain something like “I’m looking for only people who can do the job”, or this: “if you can’t put up with the budget don’t apply”, in other extremes: " I want only qualified people cos I’m so tired of these fake workers on fiverr who apply for a job but can’t deliver just because they didn’t read the job description"
You know the drill now right?
That’s pretty much what the buyer request section could look like on fiverr.
I do seo writing gigs and I really do some serious thinking and risk analysis before sending any offer to a buyer. Why?
I’m too “up and coming” on fiverr to risk a bad review:sweat_smile:
If you ask me, good reviews are more valuable than any wager
I could lose money and get a bad review at the same time if I’m not careful 😖

This is a crossroad I’m sure many sellers face on fiverr but it’s good to have working principles on fiverr. A principle I believe sellers should hone is
customer satisfaction first not money first as well as Sincerity and accountability; If I can’t deliver I open up to my buyer.

Well, in as much as a seller would want to pursue buyer satisfaction and integrity assurance, you can’t be on the low side. YOU HAVE TO MAKE SALES.
So regarding approaches to buyer requests, these are some things I believe have helped me.

  1. Don’t approach any request with the mentality of, it’s difficult or I can’t do it. You’ll be surprised the little work you could put into a job that a buyer would thoroughly appreciate.
  2. Communicate. Always let your buyer feel he’s at the steering wheel of that job. Whatever extent you go, send updates. It brings the feeling of the buyer being involved in the work so when he gets a final output at deadline he doesn’t get outraged at a poorly done work.
  3. For writers this can be valuable. You could do a whole writeup, a brilliant one by the way. You send it to your buyer and see it totally deviates from his expectation. You’ve done a job, but not his job and you’ve wasted your time and that of your buyer. Writing is hard work, it is unimaginable the frustration of a rejected write up especially a long one.
    This is just a reinforcement of point 2. Frequent updates at key points of your article or essay work is an important habit for any writer on fiverr.
  4. Then, avoid appearing flawed in your offers on the cross of “SINCERITY”. Saying things like I’ll need to Google to get that or I’m not an expert but I can give you a good job. You are a seller offering that service competing against other sellers so give it your best shot.
    At least get the job first then decline if you sure you can’t deliver, so at least you can know that the fiverr buyer request section “is working”. It would also encourage you; you’ll say "wow so I can compete against other sellers on fiverr because I knew how to present myself"
    I believe fiverr can be for everybody but in reality it won’t likely turn out to be like that. So make it work for you.

Good luck.

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