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Can incomplete order affect my response rate?


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I have noticed that my response rate is going down every few days, also I see that many people have the same problem.
before I contact CS I want to see with you is it a bug or it could be problem with the incomplete order.

here’s what happened.
one of my costumers have placed it last month but he didn’t send the required information so the order was waiting as incomplete. I have send him a message but I didn’t got any answer. later I didn’t have any other solution than to cancel the order.
maybe a day or two after that I got another order from the same buyer but it’s the same thing as the last time.
over 20 day has passed now and I don’t know what to do. since then I have noticed that my response rate is getting lower.
it’s 88% now.

does that incomplete order have anything to do with my response rate?

If not, I guess that could only be a bug that people are talking about 🙂

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