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  1. Perhaps, but not as much of a violation of decency as ignoring. As for CS being known for copy-pasting and then ignoring, that's exactly my point. Imagine having a companies CS operate on the instructions to not answer tickets in order to discourage people from asking support..
  2. He didn't say he couldn't help me. He said I couldn't do anything about the result - which I am more than okay with. He was instructed to ignore the rest, which I will not be accepting given the money I've paid to this platform
  3. They didn't say the ticket was closed, nor did they say anything about the ability to give certain details. They just up and ignored all the follow-ups. Furthermore, I will not be accepting the 'you may have violated one of these three things, but we can't tell you which one' nonsense. From the looks of it, they just automated some flags, most likely due to the dilution of the level system on the platform. That's understandable, but it is not acceptable I paid thousands of euros in fees, and the moment there is a ticket they can't be bothered to go beyond copy-paste answers and ignoring. Irrespective of the flag being reversible, they are going to have to answer simple tickets even if they have to concede their mistake. @ana_tomy @milos_siena please advise on how to pick up the ticket with support
  4. Absolutely, that is where I followed up with a request that I also sent to support when they copy pasted a similar response. After that, they all go to ignore mode. So @milos_siena @ana_tomy , again, I don't need you to answer the details here nor am I objecting this decision for the time being. I am investigating the legitimacy of this claim. Because I have been flagged due to "another profile with a similar picture" OR "Ip inconsistencies" OR " another profile with similar gigs". I am awaiting, in my open ticket the details of this violation. I am not harassing anyone, I am continuously following-up on a matter that has been open for 2 months. It is not acceptable that a support team chooses to ignore a ticket.
  5. Thank you @ana_tomy, but the Customer Support team has not been responding and @milos_siena was able to speak to the details of it so you must have access. Please tell me who to reach and how to get a response to my open ticket. Ticket#11097775 has been open since Feb 14th. on March 25th I opened up a request ticket from another e-mail through the business center and got a reply right away. Nash said he would look into it and get back to me, but it has since been ignored again. So I will need to reach someone through here, or I need to have a way to get in contact with support on email in a way that is not being ignored. Please advise
  6. @milos_siena the previous thread was closed, however, I am still awaiting an answer regarding the open ticket. Please see to this right away.
  7. No, they just don't answer tickets. If they are choosing not to answer your ticket because someone else is demanding they answer this, it only goes to show that this is needed
  8. I appreciate your response. Of course, I will not be giving up until they have responded. They have disabled my support ticket access to prevent me from pushing further, which only shows that they are aware of their illegitimate violations claim. I will keep you posted once they have abided and provided the details
  9. Nonsense, they are going to have to. If I violated something, they are going to have to tell me what the violation was and in what way. I am not going to accept some copy-paste messages and then ignoring when a question is raised about the legitimacy. @milos_siena @Kesha Please see to it that the support staff sends me the details this very week
  10. I will not accept that. I am more than comfortable with the decision being what it is, but if there has been a violation they will have to tell me what it was. Not some 'it may have been this or that', but the actual details.
  11. They don't have to be discussed here, but further details are required. It does not matter what the details are, but they must be provided @milos_siena please see to it that these are sent to my email this week or have the support staff respond to the original ticket.
  12. Very likely, you did nothing wrong. Looking at the forum posts, they have been making countless erroneous bans and flags, probably because the marketplace was getting too flooded. Once you start asking what you did wrong, they will start ignoring your message and refuse to tell you what you did. It's a know problem, they can only provide copy-paste answers at the moment, so even though they are the ones at fault, there is nothing you can do because they won;t look into it
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