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  1. Fiverr seems like war lately, for the past two weeks I didn't get a message and even no order on my account, can anybody help...... My service is social media management and ecommerce marketing
  2. Thank you Webcut, he has done that severally and none attend to him
  3. A friend account got blocked with 150 cleared money and he was given 90 days for withdrawal, after the 90 days an email was sent by fiverr to do the withdrawal and the link says expired. And after that a message was sent by fiverr that the blocked account is disabled again. How can he withdraw the money out? Thank you for your time.
  4. Hey Fiverr Community, Has anyone experienced this before and how do you go about it. A friend's fiverr account was blocked and was opened after 90 days for withdrawal, he clicked the link from the email fiverr sent him and was unable to perform the withdrawal. After the second trial, the link was expired and another email from fiverr saying the account was temporarily disabled again Thank you as I looked forward to hearing from you all
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