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  1. We had an issue with a buyer, and we made a ticket to the customer support team. They responded to the buyer's ticket, but not to ours. We pay a monthly fee for the Seller Plus program, and we're supposed to get a response in under 5 hours. Well, soon it will be day 5, the only response we've got was: - Due to higher volumes of user requests it took us some time to reply to you. - I will gladly forward your request to our relevant team and explain the situation. They will review this further and as soon as they come back with a reply, I will follow up with you on this ticket. So, customer support team is where we address our issues, but what can we do when the customer support team becomes the issue itself? To whom should I address my issue now? Help? Anyone?
  2. Never received a brief since the creation of the profile here.
  3. Right. So, 3 staff members are saying to ask questions in the Q&A section, starts answering just a few from the Q&A section, and then avoids answering by giving answers of some meaningless questions given in the chat, that were answered in the presentation itself. Done like pros. All I did now, was giving a honest feedback.
  4. @Shiran.M We were at the Zoom meeting, and it was totally unprofessional. You seemed to be nervous, made loads of mistakes and the overall presentation was disaster. We asked 5 questions, and there was no answer at all. Even when the rest of the people on the meeting were asking why the our questions weren't answered as we all as seller are concerned about the same things, you guys tried to avoid answering and ending the meeting in the shortest time possible. You said that the record of the meeting will be sent via e-mail till Friday the latest, yet here we are with nothing. You also said that sellers should learn from the buyer's feedback (not the private feedback ofc, it's hidden), so we hope you appreciate our feedback and you'll grow with it.
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