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  1. it won't have any negative impact but if your gig is in rank, it will lose rank
  2. why are you asking those question here? If you don't know how to do research, how will you stand on fiverr. ask Google or YouTube for this kind of Question.
  3. If you do proper gig SEO, then it should rank.
  4. The most common keyword research system for Fiverr gig are Fiverr Search Box and Gig Description
  5. First of all your question is wrong, if a buyer knock you outside of Fiverr that means he is not inside Fiverr. how can a buyer knock you if he is outside Fiverr. If a buyer knock you inside Fiverr saying that came outside of Fiverr, then you should be clear about Fiverr rules and regulation with your buyer and try to avoid that kind of request.
  6. There are many video about gig marketing in YouTube you can watch some video or read experience top rated seller blogs or tips for selling.
  7. The image I gave as a primary image doesn't show up instate it shows another secondary image Why is that?
  8. will it work with deferent title, description and price
  9. can I give same description for 7 gig with same service?
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