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  1. Like what please @Kesha? Since the future of my business depends on this…
  2. Also keep in mind that if you ever selected the option to provide paid for consultations, this option will appear as a gig in your metrics and will count towards your overall score. Which is surprising, considering the option to provide paid for consultations is just this… an option, not a gig in its own right. and even though I’ve deleted this option, it still appears in my metrics. CS are currently looking into this for me.
  3. The pressure sellers are under to a) answer messages at lightning speed any time of day or night, b) reduce already below market standard costs for fear of getting dinged for ‘value for money’, and c) working all the hours God sends to ensure we don’t dare ask for an extension (even though we may not actually have enough information from the client to do a good enough job, resulting in poor private feedback that we have no knowledge or sight of) could all surely be tantamount to some kind breach of employment law, should of course we be employed, which we are not.
  4. With all due respect @Kesha this lacks any comprehension from Fiverr about the reasons why sellers ask for extensions and is totally biased towards buyers. The ONLY reason I ever ask for an extension is if the buyer has not provided enough information or goes AWO (check my support request for proof of this). The ONLY reason buyers ever ask me for an extension is because they are a producer and they are awaiting feedback from their client. Therefore they request an extension to prevent the order timing out. Often they return with a message that all is good and the order can be closed without further revisions. How on God’s earth is this something for which I should be penalised? Fiverr I implore you to stop the mental anguish this is creating and show a duty of care to your sellers as well as your buyers.
  5. @Kesha I notice that the 'paid consultations' option is also being a metric. It's a service that is very rarely used by my clients, so I have decided to remove it. It no longer appears on my profile, yet the metric still remains in my success score. I have asked CS if they can adjust this, but would like to know how quickly the metric will be removed from my success score? Thanks
  6. Thank you for clarifying this @Kesha I had wrongly assumed this was part of the new levels system. I'm glad to know I was wrong.
  7. I think many of us do, unfortunately, feel very vulnerable. There ought to be a duty of care to freelancers here, many who rely on the platform for their livelihoods and family's wellbeing.
  8. @Kesha Aside from the updates about levels, about which I have many questions, can you please inform us about the new Seller Plus Premium programme? It appears that many of the usual Seller Plus features are being moved to a new premium level which costs $39/month, up $10 from the previous programme? So, no dedicated success manager, early payout, request to order etc. unless we pay Fiverr an additional $10 a month? Please explain the rationale behind this move and why this hasn't been communicated? ** EDIT ** @Kesha has kindly answered this further down the thread and clarified that there's no increase in cost
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