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  1. You have to publish low competitor gigs and eye-catching gig images as if the buyer can affect on the gig image. Also, you have to use short titles and clear messages on the gig images and share the gig on social media.
  2. developerashraf


    I'm facing the same problem for the last few months. I don't know what is the issue.
  3. Impressions is really good but clicks are not enough. I hope you could improve your gig images to attract clients.
  4. You have to try again later. Maybe server issue. It's not a big issue. Don't worry about it. please try it again after 5/6 hours.
  5. You have gotten negative private feedback. That's why you can see this issue. You have to complete some orders with positive feedback then you can solve this issue. Thank you so much.
  6. We know that Our Clients can give two types of reviews. 1. Public 2. Private If your buyer gives you 5-star reviews on public reviews and if he gives you private bad reviews then your gig will not rank. You can't see private reviews but you can see your gig performance. Your buyer if gives you the best private feedback then your gig will rank. Otherwise, your gig will not rank. I hope you understand. Thank you so much.
  7. This is the Fiverr recommended size: 1280×769 but you could increase the gig image size but you have to adjust the image ratio size. For example 1280×769 = { (1280 *3 = 3,840) * ( 769*3 = 2,307) } = 3,840 * 2,307 I hope you understand perfectly and it will help you. Thanks.
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