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  1. Writing a better SEO-optimized description and keywords for the gig is the key. I hope that helps.
  2. You can surely ask for a review, but asking for positive reviews is against Fiverr TOS. Keep that in mind and you're good.
  3. It actually depends on your gig's hashtags, image design, and pricing. If you've set a high price and couldn't get your first order, that's normal because you have no reviews. I just got my first order just after I published my gig (got a message in my inbox in 1 minute and got the order in 10 minutes), I hope this helps you a little.
  4. Yes, it increases your impressions and clicks as well.
  5. Yes and no, you can share your personal portfolio link to show your previous work with Flickr, as it's on the approved URL list according to the Fiverr Help documents.
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