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  1. I have had this feature for months at the start my CPC was at default but it cost me much Yes also generated some revenue but my gig was good enough so I changed the CPC to 0.15 I changed it to per my need, and I made it low when I already have active projects, when I don't have active works I increase it to get orders, that's how I manage it and works pretty well for me in this way.
  2. Apart from what is mentioned in Seller Plus features I want to know if it can also boast your gig or not, it's not mentioned but I need to know from experts if they how noticed some improvement in their gigs or not. Thanks 🙂
  3. Got it Thanks, can you please tell me if I will receive a notification or what or if it will be joined automatically once I get a chance
  4. Can anyone guide me on how to join Seller Plus, when I try to join it says "You're on the waitlist for Seller Plus"
  5. that's fine but why my impressions and clicks are zero since my gifted dollars are running out I am not getting impressions or clicks. I do have 24$ in my Fiverr account
  6. A while back, Fiverr gave me $10 for promoting my gig for free. The $10 has now run out, and my gig isn't getting many views or clicks anymore. However, I have $8 in my Fiverr account. I'm not sure how to use this money to promote my gig because I can't find an option to transfer it. Can you help me figure out how to use my personal fiverr balance to promote my gig? Thank you.
  7. No I don't want to create another account all I'm saying is that if my account remains like this for the rest of the time then it will just waste my time nothing else, I need suggestions from the one who experienced same situation
  8. I'm not thinking about creating another account to be honest I'm looking for someone who experienced same situation, I think he'll know better
  9. No sorry but you all are getting me wrong I didn't meant to create another account what I'm saying is that I'm already giving a lot of time to fiverr but nothing is happening so I'm looking for people's who experienced same situation they'll know better if my account will be down for specific time or it will be like this forever so I don't waste more time and jump to other platforms, it will be very hard for me to start from zero again here on Fiverr.
  10. Hi, I hope you all are doing well, I really need help from experts and would be better if someone replies who experienced this situation too. I am a level 1 seller with 26 orders completed with strongly positive reviews (only one 4 stars recently) and the issue is that my account was flagged(warned) on 1st Feb 2023 and since then my gigs are completely down, I haven't received a single message after that I tried to make changes in the gig but still no improvements so I need your suggestion, can my account will be recovered after some time? or I should give up on this account because this account means a lot to me after a lot of struggles I came to this level also I am close to level two and it's hard for me to give up on this account Any kind of help would be appreciated. Thank you
  11. same issue bro, I contacted CS but they said you will get it back when you are qualified again, have you received any negative review?
  12. can you please explain this Work with Get Briefs too (not guaranteed that you will get a relevant job but try it)
  13. shahid_kahn

    New Gig

    Hi, I created a new gig two days ago, and still shows zero impressions, is there something wrong, or it's normal?
  14. Brother is now a level 2 seller, A motivation for all those who struggle at first start
  15. Yes, I did updated my gig many times and now I can't reach to that level where it was at start, so yes updaing your again and agan may effect it in negative way
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