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  1. Yes! I have done before and one of my client blocked me. So, get spam notification from fiverr. don’t use the method.
  2. Thanks ! its really helpful information.
  3. It is not Fiverr’s responsibility to make you successful, nor to provide orders for you. You need to do the marketing, promotion, and gig maintenance to bring in your own customers. If you are not earning what you want, step up you efforts, or find something else that brings in the kind of income you need. It’s as simple as that. You are not guaranteed sales and success here just because you want it. You are going to have to EARN your success, and so far, I haven’t read anything about any business strategies that you are pursuing to make that happen. Fiverr’s tagline is, “In Doers We Trust”. What are you DOING to earn your sales and success? Thanks brother for your big word! but did not told “If you do not get work from fiverr around 60 days! How do you will survive?” Suppose you was in the hospital! and unable to maintain your online presence !
  4. Don’t my brother try your best ! Discuss on community as like me ! If any Big brother can understand our problems it will be helpful. 😉
  5. “And I never said that someone else owes me something or that fiverr should take of my bills.” I know that well! Because Fiverr is not my brother 🙂 If he was my brother then sure try to listen the problem. And Here I am a Level two seller and last month lost my level because of no sufficient work. That’s all. Me too graceful on Fiverr because I am earning from here…So, sharing my problems ( If you do not get work from fiverr around 60 days! ) on the community; If any brother listens to me. 🙂
  6. Do you like to close your business and move away; If you do not get any work from fiverr around 60 days!? Here I am a Level two seller and last month lost my level because of no sufficient work.😹
  7. Why fiverr need to care about it? It’s only your responsibility to pay your bills and figure out ways for that. Fiverr giving equal chance for everyone to showcase their work and portfolio and it’s only up to you want kind of service and quality you are offering, how you are marketing your gigs etc. The thing is if I need to pay my bills I would never tell fiverr need to solve this issue I will go and find ways to earn that money no matter what. DO NOT PUT YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES ON SOMEONE ELSE. In this world no only owes you anything and it’s up to you to deal with your problems. “DO NOT PUT YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES ON SOMEONE ELSE.” 😎 smart comment! But Still, your answer is not been clear madam! " If you do not get work from fiverr around 60 days! How do you will survive?" Let’s Bill I will pay myself 😜
  8. If you do not get work from fiverr around 60 days! How do you will survive? Who will pay your bills? Let’s drop your opinion as I am facing the same problem… Is Fiverr team need to care about!
  9. Best things to share on social platform daily to get best results.
  10. Hello Friends ! Here I just found last 15- 20 days getting notification problem on my mobile apps! Even when I am online through mobile , My buyers can’t seen me as online ! Hope it is a technical issue. And the issue I have informed to fiverr support with my mobile configuration details , but still the apps giving trouble. So, I am sharing the experience to all. Even my order level also down to zero… Please suggest / keep your reviews if you are facing slimier problems.
  11. " A personal view of Fiverr business model change" I have read honestly Mr. Juanwriter personal view. In my opinion every freelancer do not bother about “business model changes” - Top rated seller- Pro seller - etc. Because a good Freelancer know’s how to survive in the world by providing his / her quality amount of work. I believe if I am seek or lazy to provide a good quality work then a client have 100% rights to give me a bad review. Conclusion : Fiverr doing business by their concept or decision. And there I do not have right to judgment about their business module as a small freelancer. Only they have right to look after their system health; that how it is performing (Good / Bad). That’s all man! Just keep working honestly. Fiverr just gave you a beautiful online platform , so bring more interested people to have your service. Don’t be upset on childish ranking as had in our school days. If you are the best, your work review will be say it truly. And finally asking an apology if anyone is heart on my personal Views. Have a Nice Day ! Always work heard 🙂 Truly SAM
  12. How to delivery excel sheet / word doc orders to a client ! Suppose after received the delivery; if any client cancel the order in fiverr what will be the process to recover my Gigs amount ?
  13. Yes you can edit your Gigs with best keywords and more information as your Gigs need.
  14. I was in out of the office mood ! Now has to be start earning clicks but no order…
  15. Hi ! best part is share your gigs on social media . hope you will be start to getting order. 🙂
  16. I have face the incidence one time ! buyer took my files and escape with his money by canceled the order through customer care ! Fiverr need to arrange seller protection.
  17. In my case last two customer unable to write review after my long prayer ! but they express they are happy on my work! I don’t know may be the review section not working for buyers. God know every thing 🙂
  18. Hello there! my level was demoted on January ! where I can seen as per leveling score my profile goes to level one. Any way its not a big issue for me. Because I agree to best concern with fiverr authority. Hence couple of month I am seeking for work since november. In buyers requirement section not getting a true Clint / projects. From my side every day I use to share my gigs on social media specially on europe and usa channels. So looking for a true help from fiverr ! Because I would like to work on fiverr.
  19. hi, Still one day past of my delivery ! Client is satisfied but not writing reviews …
  20. I am Facing Work crises at the beginning of 2018 ! No order! “buyers request” section no true work last 20 days. But still I desire to work for Fiverr.
  21. AND CO is a good system ! But there have any facility that a client can pay in milestone base on fiverr project? Is fiverr will be open the facility for largest project in a milestone based payment through AND CO? Is fiverr is thinking about seller protection through AND CO?
  22. Hello ! my fiverr officials and freelancer friends 🙂 wishing you all a very Happy New year! My pray for every one’s dream should comes true in this new year with lots of work, joy and happiness. Sorry for the late joining on my desk. But starting my work with lots of love, wishes and pray for all of you. Regarding SAM
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