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  1. I visited you profile on forum and i noticed you just copy paste this response a couple of times. I was hoping you can help a brother out with a more personal response considering the fact that you are into SEO. if you can help me i would really appreciate it
  2. Hello @vickieito, wow must commend your hard work and consistency having risen so high on fiverr. Please i need your help to be able to rank my Gig. I have been very active as a freelancer since October but unfortunately on got 2 small Gigs with one 5 star review. My Gigs started trending down till it hit zero. So i joined the fiverr forum 2 weeks ago and got some advise i did them and my gigs went up a bit and it has started trending down again with no new tasks yet. I would appreciate it if you can look at my Gigs especially the "i will do business leads, prospects list and niche targeted email list" If you can show me how to perfect it to rank and get jobs so i can model every other gig to it. I would really appreciate your help and i look forward to your reply
  3. hello @vickieitoif you can help me out i will really appreciate it. I have been active on fiverr since october last year and only got 2 jobs. then my impressions and clicks tanked and went to zero. I joined the fiverr community last month as a last resort to try to improve my Gig. I made the necessary improvements as suggested then my Gigs improved slightly and now its trending downwards again! kindly help me view my Gigs and tell me improvements i should make because frankly i don't know whatelse to do please
  4. how do you spend more time on fiverr exactly? do you just stay there staring at your fiverr dashboard when you have no jobs to work on? we have been advised to not use autorefresh, i have optimised my Gigs the best i can and still nothing! i need a solution to this drought desperately
  5. you should probably give a workable solution though because lots of us are having this problem
  6. hi katatica, thanks for your answer to be fair in the past i didn't really take time out to write out my Gig description or tags from scratch to finish but after this last YT course, i carefully handled everything from designing a proper Gig image that stands out to Gig video(my first time) to researching keywords to writing a 100% original Gig description. I guess i was really hopeful for this one. You are probably right on the waiting part. But i really need results like yesterday!! hello, thanks for taking time out to reply to my question, i don't yet know the YouTubers you mentioned though i will now check them out. However, the freelancer i followed is a fiverr pro seller (so technically he is royalty) and made over $300k USD on Fiverr in the last 4 years. the comments on his post were full of testimonials also. But i guess the important thing is that i want results and i want this drought over ASAP.
  7. Hello, guys I have been active on Fiverr for about 4 months at first my Gigs were getting impressions and clicks even got and delivered 2 jobs with one 5 stars and the second didn't drop any ratings. Then suddenly my analysis started a free fall for no just reason whatsoever. I watched lots of videos on YT kept reorganizing my Gigs all to no avail. Finally, i got frustrated and deleted all 5 of my Gigs and started afresh. Both my Gigs have absolutely 0 impressions. Even when i just started with no experience i was able to get a few hundred impressions per week. Yesterday i found an amazing guy on YT i spent like 7 hours watching his videos and taking Notes. I believe i have done exactly what he advised and set up a new Gig today, its been over 6 hours and not a single impression. I am really frustrated and confused, is it that Fiverr has shadow banned me? because frankly, i don't know what else to think! If someone here can help me out i would really appreciate it because i have tried everything humanly possible! i have tried everything i know all to no avail, Someone please kindly point me to the right direction
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