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  1. @ana_tomy Thank you for the clarification. I understand that the account is under review to ensure a thorough investigation. I appreciate your assurance that the decision will be communicated once it's made. I'll patiently await further updates from the Customer Support team. I also acknowledge your advice regarding multiple inquiries and will refrain from creating additional tickets. Thanks for your assistance.
  2. @ana_tomy Fiverr's support team has informed me that my account is under review due to the issue of multiple accounts. However, it's important to clarify that this is impossible as I have only ever used one account
  3. @navid_zafar I'm disappointed because I follow Fiverr's rules very strictly but there shouldn't be any problem with my account
  4. Hi, @ana_tomy Thank you for your response and understanding. I appreciate your advice and reassurance. I'll patiently await the outcome of the review process and ensure full compliance with Fiverr's guidelines during this time. Your support is greatly appreciated. However, I am currently unclear about the specific reasons for the account being under review. If I know whether the review is due to a mistake or a policy violation, I will be able to provide additional information to expedite the process of restoring my account
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