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  1. Hi @vickieito. Thanks for the perspective/warning. While possible, I find this unlikely. If the freelancer I hired shared my info, he'd be encouraging competition and diminishing the chance of repeat business from me. I'm being contacted about the exact same service that I hired the original freelancer for. I started getting contacted after I posted the review at the end of the gig, so I'm assuming these other contacts are reaching out to this top-reviewed lead generation freelancer's reviewers with the hope of siphoning off some business.
  2. Hello Fiverr community. I recently hired a top rated freelancer in the lead generation space for a gig for finding leads relevant to my business. To my dismay, after the gig was finished and I left a review, I've been getting LinkedIn spam connections and messages from other people selling their lead generation services. I made my Fiverr username my business name, and I also used my real name for my profile info (which I have since shortened to "FirstName LastInitial"). See below for a screenshot of what I'm talking about in my LinkedIn (sensitive info blurred). Have you experienced this? What's your suggestion for avoiding this? Thanks!
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