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  1. I got this option for some of my buyers. but for this buyer I don't have this. can i give him a zoom link from my zoom app?
  2. HI everyone, A buyer messaged me last night and he asked me to do something like this- It’s really easy. In Fiverr, you can start a meeting. They prefer that the Fiverr person do that. Then you will send me the zoom link and allow screen sharing I will also share that link with the content writer. The content writer and I will talk. You don’t have to be on video and can mute yourself after we say hello You don’t have to do anything. After our 25-30 min conversation then the content writer will drop and we can continue the conversation on contact management. Thanks Now my question is can i send him a zoom link because most of the inbox I don't get the option to have a Zoom call. I need to get clear on this. Please help me. Also he is an old buyer has lots of good reviews.
  3. Hi, I was on unavailable mode for three days then after I get back here all my impression dropped as well as it went neutral since last five days. what should I do now?
  4. He found my gig link on Facebook and I am his friend as well also I got a previous account that I deactivated for some reason and it's not found now so I had to have a new account and he send me his email in Facebook and ask me to share my gigs so I just asked if it's going to be a problem or not. Thanks for your answer though.
  5. Can I share my gig via email cause I got an old buyer from my previous account and we are friends on facebook. Now he is asking to share my gig link in mail so what should I do ? Please help me asap.
  6. I am a new seller and I really am not understanding this option "Get Brief" like I set a rate and I wanna know how am I suppose to get notified . Tell me more about it please.
  7. Can anyone get an order by staying active in fiverr forum? If so how is that possible?
  8. Thanks @vickieito You are really an amazing advisor. As well as experienced and kind. Thanks again I'll try that.
  9. If a buyer wants list of software engineer as title can i use Backend/senior Software engineer? Cause most of them got this title in front of software Engineer.
  10. sarabarkat


    Can anyone tell me a brief about organic outreach??
  11. Where Can I find Fiverr's term and conditions? I'm looking for it but couldn't find any options?
  12. sarabarkat

    Fast typing

    When did you find out about your skills and decided to stick with that and make it more professional? Mine is typing and I found out this when I was 15.
  13. Wow nice topic . Let me tell you one thing if there's a skill you are good at and you don't find a way or even don't get qualified or may be many don't appreciate what you're doing, For that reason Fiverr is a great place to showcase and also give a way to enlarge your ability as well. And also it's a great platform for student's and other's to have a part time job sitting any where of the world without any travelling issue. It really helps us to make ourselves confident and also skilled and careful. This platform also teaches us a lot and most important thing in my opinion is that we can make international bonding and learn about anything important especially about our mistakes and how to fix it through the forum.
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