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  1. Try to find your lacking and follow your competitor gigs. In sha Allah you will get what is written in your rijk.
  2. it is replaced by Fiverr Brief system since November!
  3. A person cant be available all 24 hours in a day. Fiverr is well intelligent to understand the unusual activity. So using auto refresher or being online 24/24 is much robotic. Be online manually can help hopefully I guess
  4. In fiverr inbox, sharing something personal can cause your account banned. So It should not share directly in the chat box I think.
  5. By social media gig marketing can be useful
  6. check the third-party extension.
  7. Find client in social media then invite them to fiverr.
  8. It's usual to have spam messages. You have to give time to learn. Experience will make your thought expert. So give some time and follow some experts as well.
  9. active online and sent more and more buyer request.
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