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  1. I want to know who created that urban legend regarding forum participation = more exposure and therefore more sales. And well, answering the initial question a forum is for... posting (?) and badges if you're into that.
  2. I don't know where are you from but in my part of the world (South America) American english is the standard within learning and communication purposes. I think it'll depend basically of your country's proximity and possible links whether with the United States or UK. I dare to say that American english is more globalized but it may not be the case for some people and it would be great to get to know their perspective about it. Sure it is. I enjoy it a lot by watching football and tv series, but damn, sometimes (maybe most of the time) it's hard for me to understand a single word. 😆
  3. First of all, will... I mean real willingness to learn. That's the main key in this long but fun journey. Now, you can start watching series and movies with subtitles and that will help you a lot to get used to words and its meaning and with pronunciation as well (just don't start with british stuff 😆). You can also read things online and use the translator tool as a little help (although that is not entirely reliable). Apps can be very useful too, there's plenty of those around, do your research. Never be afraid of making mistakes, that's part of the process. Start writing in english as muchas you can. That's what I'm doing and there I go... trying to learn and improve gradually. Sure I make mistakes, probably even in this post but you know what? I think people will understand my idea and that's what I want... express myself and break the language barrier. I really hope you can achieve your goal. English is a must and can get you to really amazing opportunities. Whether you like it or not English is world's language.
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