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  1. Weird, It updated for me couple of times almost instantly , so in this case you can contact customer support directly for more info.
  2. As to my experience its not like the pervious level system where its updates every month, but almost instant, so once you close an order it'll be updated .
  3. I agree and I hope they do something about it , since its a big thing
  4. One of my gigs has 47 orders 2 of them are canceled . One of the cancelation is someone ordered and canceled before submitting the requirement and Fiverr said it wont effect my profile . the second one ... after we (me+client) agreed to the requirements and client proceed to order(ordered) ... he changed his requirements which reduces the cost ... so we (me+client+customer support) to cancel this order and do another order (succeed) ... so customer support canceled the order and proceed and customer support confirmed that this cancelation didn't effect my profile . now my gig has this for the two that shouldn't effect my profile . I contacted customer support and explained everything and gave them all data required and told them that this is unfair and shouldn't be like this . they said. which means (I think) that they know the situation and it's not a priority at the moment ? I don't know but something isn't right or off (me included) and I shouldn't be here saying this if Fiverr took the time to study this matter or being more transparent . according to my understanding ... I feel and I know that this is wrong . I need someone to explain this and changes my mind
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