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  1. I'm 16 hours sat on the pc, But many fiverr page drag. Then My account is Hold in fiverr.
  2. New seller a big amount of marketplace is a big competition.
  3. Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and your local market place
  4. # tag research and public your gig social media and other platform .
  5. Your work catagories skill test now fiverr.
  6. lower competition key word select .
  7. same problem face me. some explain What can i do?
  8. Before crate your gig research keyword , tag , and finally attractive gig image select .Now on page SEO and public, than gig marketing or active 16 hours 7 days. specially office time.
  9. Buyer replay is good thing new seller . He went to work best . But now few new seller don't skill full and professional that's why many buyer skill, professional old seller trusted . Although some new seller professional and low price sell your work . Than most buyer don't trust new seller .
  10. i am knowing something information your post. thank you
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