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    How to get more sales when I have already a negative review?
  2. Lol. No man can active 24 hours. Always try to use honest way
  3. Lol. Everybody knows that who are in Fiverr. Active 15-16 hours doesn't make any sense. Even you do not know the actual way how to get more orders ( You have no orders till now😑)
  4. I think you should cancelled the order & refund the money. Because if you get a negative review all your GIG will be lost ( Personal experience)
  5. ammyy.com blogspot.com flickr.com mixcloud.com reverbnation.com soundcloud.com spotify.com teamviewer.com tumblr.com vimeo.com wetransfer.com wikipedia.org youtube.com Only these
  6. You can easily search only the countries that you wish to purchase from
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